Last moment Hotel Booking during Kathmandu Tour is tedious

Wow, it’s a vacation time heartlots of fun, entertainment, gathering, and many more. Obviously, we go to a different city to spend our vacation. Let’s check the list before going on a trip.

Ticketing? Done.yes Packing? Done. yes Hotel Booking? O Shit forgot angry
Hotel Booking at the last moment is a tedious job to do. Nobody wants to face this problem but what to do. Let’s contact the hotel but wait for a second, what type of hotel we should book and is it safe to book the hotel online? Will they provide all the facilities which they promise us to give online?

Last moment hotel booking means at first we don’t get the room and the second one is the price can be more than our budget. We don’t want to waste our trip like this and we pay more for a room. This is some kind of problem for us while traveling.

Before booking the hotel in Kathmandu we have to know the hotel type. Do we want a big 5-star hotel or 3 stars or a normal hotel? For big hotels, you need to have bookings. And if you do have a lot of budgets then you can book the big hotels.

But if you do have a limited budget then you have to choose the hotel according to your budget. And if you are new in Kathmandu and don’t know anything then it will be a problem for you to book the hotel according to your need and budget.
We can’t change the past but we can change the upcoming future. We can do a lot of research before going on a trip. Similarly, we can compare the hotels and the price of the hotel rooms. Or let’s go check out for the Best Budget hotel in Kathmandu.

What to do next?


New in Kathmandu and searching for the hotel or a budget hotel. If you don’t know anything then it will be a problem for you. But don’t worry. Thamel Back Packers are here to help you. They will assist you to find the best budget hotel in Thamel, Kathmandu. And if you want to go on a trip or you like to do homestay which is quite popular nowadays then they also arrange.

Give all your problem of booking a hotel according to your budget to Thamel Backpackers and enjoy the holiday.


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